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Cottage Connection Florist

Delivering in Maryborough, Hervey Bay and surrounding areas


Mixed Casket arrangement 2 Buy Now
Mixed Casket arrangement 2
From $299.00
Mixed Casket Arrangement Buy Now
Mixed Casket Arrangement
From $299.00
Sheaf Casket Cover Yellow Buy Now
Sheaf Casket Cover Yellow
From $149.00
Sheaf Casket Cover Buy Now
Sheaf Casket Cover
From $149.00
Tulip Vase Large Design Out Of Stock
Tulip Vase Large Design
From $99.00
Ivory Vase Design Out Of Stock
Ivory Vase Design
From $159.00
Ivory Flower Box Arrangement Out Of Stock
Ivory Flower Box Arrangement
From $109.00
Ivory Medium Box Arrangement Out Of Stock
Ivory Medium Box Arrangement
From $129.00
Sympathy Wreath Blue Buy Now
Sympathy Wreath Blue
From $109.00
Sympathy Wreath Green Buy Now
Sympathy Wreath Green
From $109.00
Sympathy Wreath Pink Buy Now
Sympathy Wreath Pink
From $109.00
Sympathy Wreath Orange Buy Now
Sympathy Wreath Orange
From $109.00
Sympathy Wreath Red Buy Now
Sympathy Wreath Red
From $109.00
Sympathy Wreath Yellow Buy Now
Sympathy Wreath Yellow
From $109.00
Gracie Table Arrangement Buy Now
Gracie Table Arrangement
From $199.00
Cherish Ceramic Vase Design Out Of Stock
Cherish Ceramic Vase Design
From $239.00
Fleur Flower Arrangement Buy Now
Fleur Flower Arrangement
From $149.00
Kirrily Trough Vase Design Buy Now
Kirrily Trough Vase Design
From $159.00

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